New Short Fantasy Story – Black Phasm

Hey everyone, I’ve got a new short story out. It takes place in my fantasy world, but is set on a different continent, unlike my previous fantasy short stories. This story is narrated by the awesome Chris Herron over at Tall Tale TV. Take a journey to the land of Arcacantes, where the Church of … More New Short Fantasy Story – Black Phasm


I hope everyone is staying safe out there. It’s times like these that I hope people come together to face a common enemy; in this case, a sickness. We should all do our parts to help and support each other. Take care of those members of our community that need help. And let’s not devolve … More Lockdown

A New Journey

Hello, friends and fiends. As you may know, I’ve been working on writing many novels over the past several years. Unfortunately, my agent had had trouble getting any publishers interested. As of now, my agent and I have parted ways, which saddened me greatly. It was a hard thing to hear and go through. I … More A New Journey

Horror Novel

Hello, friends and fiends. The second novel that I’ve written, a horror novel, is finally done. I finished the last edits last night. Now it is time to go to FedEx to print the entire thing out, since my agent only reads physical manuscripts, and then mail it off to her. She read a previous … More Horror Novel

Hey You, Yeah You

How are you doing? Well, I hope.   Are you a writer? Working on something exciting? Are you a reader? Read anything good lately?   As for me, I’m doing well. My first novel is still out there in the hands of a potential publisher. I really hope they want it, because it’s a great … More Hey You, Yeah You