The continents, lands, empires, kingdoms, and nations of Nea’Numer.


Pronunciation: ar-ka-KAHN-tess

As seen in Black Phasm

Known as the “Land of Repentance,” the continent and nation of Arcacantes is home to the brutal religion known as Repenencia. The Church of Repenencia rules over the nation, giving the people no choice but to worship the Six Sisters of Penance. The Priests of Penance, headed by the Sovereign Bishop of Arcacantes, hold the reigns of the land in an iron grip. Blood flows daily in every home and hovel due to the savage self-abasement Repenenciados are taught to inflict upon themselves since birth.


Pronunciation: RA-vi-nawth

As seen in Ignited in Darkness and The Wight Warden

Known as “The Land of Duality,” the continent of Ravvinoth encompasses the kingdom of Eastern Ravvinoth and the lands of Western Ravvinoth. The two halves are separated not only by topography, but also by ideology and religion. Eastern Ravvinoth hates magic with a zealous passion, as dictated by the Church of Mitarendi (the Church of the Mother of Light). Western Ravvinoth has no central governing body, and while many worship the Mother of Darkness (such as the morda’shin), everyone has the right to worship whomever they wish, even if it’s no god.


Pronunciation: SHA-duh-scar

As seen in The Wight Warden.

STOP – Entry may contain spoilers. It is recommended you read the story beforehand.

The castle-city known as Shadaskar was home to the Ravvinothian clan of morda’shin. The place looks abandoned, but there seems to still be something dwelling deep in the necromantic stronghold.