The myriad sentient species that make Nea’Numer their home.


A small, stocky folk, the dwarven people get along with most anybody. Dwarves are humanoid save for their short stature, and stone-like skin which can range in appearance, from granite to limestone to sandstone to many more.


Stories seen in: Black Phasm

Elves are very humanoid in appearance, usually only differentiated by their long, pointed ears. Usually possessing above-average reflexes and agility, many elves become performers, acrobats, or even thieves. When it comes to magic, elven mages are often adept in healing magic.


As seen in Ignited in Darkness, The Wight Warden, and Black Phasm.

Hura, also known as humans, are the most widespread race across Nea’Numer. Due to humans’ inherent hardiness and adaptability, they are able to live in almost any environment around the world. In addition, human mages have the widest range when it comes magical ability. Being the most populous people, the common tongue, spoken in many places around Nea’Numer, is referred to as Common Huran.


Pronunciation: KAY-thins

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Pronunciation: PLAY-nar

Stories seen in: Black Phasm

The plaenar are a race of horned people whose skin comes in beautiful shades of blues and purples. It’s been noted that almost all plaenar take enormous pride in their horns, no matter their ethnicity. Being able to easily put on muscle, and being on average 6-7 feet tall, most plaenar tower and loom over other races, and depending the shape, their horns can add another foot or two to their overall height.