The ancient religions and cults found throughout Nea’Numer.


Pronunciation: reh-peh-NEN-see-ah

As seen in Black Phasm

Repenencia originated in the nation of Arcacantes, not having much success in spreading to other lands. Practitioners, called Repenenciados, are taught at a very early age subject themselves to vicious self-abasement for every sin committed, no matter the severity. This is the core tenet on which Repenencia is based. Retribution is committed daily across the lands in every house, chapel, church, and cathedral as people subjugate themselves to beatings, whippings, cuttings, burnings, and other forms of punishment all to honor the Six Sisters, also known as the Hexinity. The Priests of Penance (headed by the Sovereign Bishop of Arcacantes), the governing body of both church and nation, rule the nation as a theocracy.