Second Sneak Peek

Hey friends and fiends, I’ll give you guys a second, and final, peek at the artwork for my upcoming collection of dark, whimsical poetry, ‘Dreams of Decay.’ This picture, illustrated by the awesome Holly Hammond, is for my poem, ‘The Ghouls’, which you can also read below. With no delays, the book should be launching next month. Look out for the release date announcement!

4. The Ghouls by HH

The Ghouls

There was an old cemetery
Across from my home
It was there that the dark things
All used to roam

I saw them one evening
As I got into bed
Small, grotesque bodies
With horrible heads

In my youth I heard stories
Of things they called ghouls
They were ugly and vicious
Terrible and cruel

They lived in the graveyards
Making nests in old tombs
And they feasted on corpses
Which they exhumed

Their teeth were sharp
And their nails were long
They resembled small humans
Mixed with something so wrong

But I saw them that night
They fought and they played
Then they dug up a body
That was black and decayed

They feasted upon it
Gnawing and biting
Then in an instant
A flash of white lightning

Then it started to rain
As I gazed at the ghouls
And they stared back at me
I gawked like a fool

One of the creatures
Made his way to my house
He crawled up the side
As quiet as a mouse

He tapped on my window
And looked in my eyes
He said, “You look delicious
We can’t wait ‘til you die”

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