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Four friends, a weekend getaway, a lakeside house…Something in the water?

As her best friend, Abby, struggles to cope with the sudden loss of her husband, Rei and her closest girlfriends take her to a beautiful lakeside house nestled in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, hoping that a weekend of support from long-time friends will help Abby along her road of emotional recovery.

But as the young women get settled, Rei begins to notice there’s something wrong with the place. Could this peaceful, idyllic location be hiding an ancient evil below the waters of the lake? Or are the problems wholly within Abby herself, who seems to be losing her grip on reality? When unexplainable, nightmarish things occur, Rei realizes this weekend getaway may turn into their last outing.

“What should be a restorative retreat for Rei and her lifelong friends turns into a nightmare beyond imagining in S. Alessandro Martinez’s debut novel, Helminth. Rei, Abby, Corinne, and Lorena are carefully crafted characters and the first person voice serves to absorb the reader into Rei’s state of mind as the illusion of safety slips quickly away at Devil’s Eyes Lake. Firmly rooted in gothic storytelling, Martinez’s writing is dark and poetic, mesmerizing to the very last word. Fans of Richard Matheson’s Hell House, and the like will find particular delight in this story of the line we walk between death and life, and the strain of desperation and fear.” -Kathleen Kaufman, author of Sinder

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